Sit Walk Dance ... Breathing

Sit Walk Dance … Breathing

Breathing is an integral part of Sit Walk Dance.  To breath is to live is to move.

For the month of May Sit Walk Dance is using the focus of the breath to guide our conscious movement practice.

As we sit, we observe the rise and fall of the breath, we notice where we are breathing from; deep in the belly or more shallow up in the chest?  As our mind wanders, we bring our observations back to the breath.

 We listen to music throughout Sit Walk Dance and this too can guide our breathing.  Letting the music relax our breathing which in turns frees the tensions in the body.    

The Radiance Sutras* speak to our breathing as well.  Each week we are reading a Yukti Verse:

Number one speaks, ‘Exhaling, breath is released and flows out. … Inhaling, breath flows in, filling, nourishing.’

Number two explores, ‘The inhalation, the return movement of breath, sustains life.  The outgoing breath purifies life.’

Number three extends, ‘Breath flows in, filling, filling, in this moment, drink eternity.  Breath flows out, emptying, emptying, offering itself to infinity. 

Reflecting on the Yukti Verse each week helps us gently focus.  In turn the dancers are invited to let their breathing lead their walking and their dancing.  To add breathe is to add vitality, respond from our inner body and let the breathe guide our movement.    

*The Radiance Sutras, 112 Gateways to the yoga of wonder & delight, Lorin Roche, PhD, publ. Sounds True 2014

The picture is ‘Poetry of the body’, by Rodney Yee

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