Kerry-Ann’s programme is an Approved Strength & Balance Programme certified by ACC to prevent falls and fractures for 65+


Most frequent questions and answers

Anyone who is mobile enough to come through the door and is over 60!


  1. Comfortable layers of clothing that allow you to stay warm and or cool. Some people dance in bare feet, others prefer or need to wear a soft shoe that moves easily on the floor.

Come anyway.  We encourage and practice dancing in chairs, moving at half pace, learning to rest when we need to.  You can just let the music dance through you

 No, while regularly is best, you can come when you are able to.

Each dance the teacher sets out variations for people to do.  E.g. if you can’t go backwards there is a version that can be done on the spot.

Each session we warm up lead by the teacher. Sometimes we use the barre, other times a chair.  We warm up moving around the room before learning a simple dance.  We always dance to two or three pieces of music just for fun and doing our own dance (i.e. we party) and then complete the class by sitting listening to music and letting our body and breathe relax.

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