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Open Floor Dance with Kerry-Ann Timaru 

Starts in 2022


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, everyone is welcome to Open Floor Dance.  All that is required is a willingness to join in.  Come as you are!   

  1. Wear clothes that allow you to sit and move in comfort, with layers to keep warm or cool.
  2. Bare feet are fine or soft shoes that allow you to move with ease
  3. Bring a drink bottle

Open Floor Dance is a simple way to give movement a go. The teacher will guide you with ideas if you find yourself stuck.

No, you can attend as you want AND Open Floor Dance works well as a weekly practice

  1. Participants report feeling more settled and calmer, at the same time as growing a sense of grounded energy.
  2. Whether you are feeling restless, stuck or ready to party each part of the Open Floor Dance allows you to be with whatever you are feeling.
  3. It is reported that people who dance regularly are healthier, have keener minds and a calmer presence. Open Floor is an embodied movement practice bringing self-awareness, mindfulness, and purpose to life.
  4. See the Open Floor Values below. What speaks to you?

1. Movement heals.
2. Some things need more than dance to heal.
The best medicine is often an untamed, sweaty dance. Sometimes it’s a good cry. Other times we need the support of a therapist or body-worker, a courageous conversation or silent contemplation.  Open Floor teachers are artfully trained to get people to move (activate), settle (deactivate), then pause as they witness themselves and others. They support people to embody all the thoughts and feelings that inevitably arise when we dance and know when to suggest further support.
3. Move and include.
When our body moves, everything moves. A gesture brings on a flood of feelings. A surge of emotion creates sensation. Thoughts of loved ones stir us up. Our minds may keep us tight and frozen or help us make sense of what just happened in the dance. Anything we try to push away can become our limitation.
On the Open Floor we move and include the juicy moments of joyful release, as well as the challenging ones: pain in the body, shyness, self-limiting beliefs, a sense of isolation. This is how we learn to be true, fluid and whole.

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